Ever wish you could halt an anxiety attack in its tracks? Now you can.

I show veterans with post-traumatic stress how to have compassion for their anxiety. Then, their anxiety lets them go.

From Anxious to At Ease. 

Helping those who have served.

Most veterans with post-traumatic stress still served honorably even after their experiences left them feeling highly anxious, constantly alert for danger, and having nightmares and flashbacks. Even though they may have received treatment to support them to move forward in their lives, many feel as though they’re faceless cogs in a big system that offers up only one-size-fits-all treatments without regard for their unique talents and abilities.

But once they discover the essential keys to  having compassion for their anxiety, their anxiety lets them go.  I want you to discover how to get  free from anxiety and start living life on your terms.  Sign up for your free gift, above, to get started.

About Lynn Hauka

Lynn Hauka breakthrough coach veterans

Lynn Hauka shows people how to have compassion for their anxiety. Then, they connect with their soul and feel safe to trust again.

She's been doing this work for over 15 years. As the daughter of a veteran who had PTSD, a vet herself, and mom to an active duty Army combat veteran, she’s served as a trusted advisor to many active duty military and veterans who experienced trauma. Lynn is the founder of Quit the Crazy. 

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