Supporting Veterans
with PTSD to Thrive.

From Anxious to At Ease. 

Helping those who have served.

When you were in combat you had your buddy’s back no matter what. And now that you’re back from combat there are still people depending on you, but you can’t do everything you need to without being derailed by anxiety. Not only are you distressed because you’re not living up to your own expectations, you also end up struggling just to fully look after the people you love. The only way to end this struggle is to become at ease with anxiety. Once you do, you never again have to live within its limits. That’s why I want you to go from anxious to at ease.

About Lynn Hauka

Lynn Hauka

Lynn Hauka coaches people to personal breakthroughs that profoundly enhance their lives. Her clients become aware of new choices available to them, discover how to feel confident about making changes, and get the support they need to commit to improving their lives. 

Lynn blends her diverse experience as a breakthrough coach and  Healing Touch practitioner with over two decades of meditation training and teaching. She's a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and founder of Quit The Crazy.  As the daughter of a veteran who had PTSD, a vet herself, and mom to an active duty Army combat veteran, Lynn's served as trusted advisor to many active duty military and vets with PTSD.

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